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Auto Repair Businesses

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Girls Cleaning Car.jpg

General Auto Repair

Brazoria County, TX

This shop is clean, well run, and profitable.  The techs have all been there a while and will be a big asset to the new owner.

Financing is ready to go!

    Cash Flow - $250k

    Business - $750k

    Property - $435k

    Package - $1.185m

Under contract


Paint & Body

Well run body shop in Houston.  Retail location.  Staff is talented and has good tenure.  Business only on this one...the facility is leased.

       Revenue .................... $1.5m


       Cash Flow ................ $360k

       Price ........................  $1.175m

He'll never know I wrecked it!


In Use - Maspero.jpg

Houston Auto Repair with Property

This shop has been at the same location for many years.  When it opened there were cows across the road.  Now?  No more cows.  Cars?  Yes!  Cows?  No.

High traffic location.  Ready for some new blood.

    Revenue - $450k

    Business - $150k

    Property - $580k

    Package - $730k



San Antonio area Vehicle Wrap Company

Every plumbing company or landscape company or handyman needs graphics on their vehicles,.  That's what this company does.  And they're real good at it.

       Revenue .................... $1.5m


       Cash Flow ................ $300k

       Price ........................    $850k


General Auto Repair

Travis County

Cars with Fins.jpg

Really nice shop with a really good location.  Demographics are good.  Visibility is good.  Everything real upscale.  

     Cash Flow - $260k    Asset Value - $100k    Biz Sale Price - $525k

Location is leased but the lease rate is pretty good and there is opportunity to take on more space.


under contract

San Antonio Austin Corridor

Girls looking at Engine.jpg

Here's a shop in the Corridor.  Business and Property.  General auto repair.  Profitable and eligible for SBA financing.

    Business - $535k

    Property - $565k

    Package - $1.1m



Pumping Gas.jpg

Specialty Shop

San Antonio

Mostly Mazda, Honda, & Toyota with a mix of other makes.  Techs are experienced and know the shop is for sale.  They want to stay on.

Owner financing on this one if we like you!  And property!  What else do you want?

    Cash Flow - $120k

    Business - $295k

    Property - $600k

    Package - $895k


Blond w VW 01.jpg

Specialty Shop

Houston, TX

They work on European Cars. Very profitable.  Primed for growth.

    Cash Flow - $160k

    Asset Value - $100k

    Biz Sale Price - $500k

    Property Sale Price - $1,250k

    Package Price - $1.75m



Auto Repair

Girl Mechanic 01.jpg

Houston, TX

Smaller shop...good customer base.

Good starter shop.

    Cash Flow - $80k

    Asset Value - $20k

    Biz Sale Price - $180k


Owner Financing Available.


General Auto Repair

In Use - FM 78.jpg

Houston, TX

This shop has to be seen to be believed.  I've been in hundreds of shops and this is one of the nicest.

Very well run.  Very profitable.  Owner selling because he has other business interests.

    Cash Flow - $380k

    Asset Value - $700k

    Biz Sale Price - $1.35m

We're a little above 3x cash flow on this. But past performance and the way this place is decked out...I think it's worth it.



General Auto Repair

Blond Leaning on Car.jpg

Houston, TX

Solid customer base plus some fleet work.  Really strong retail location. 

    Cash Flow - $245k

    Asset Value - $125k

    Biz Sale Price - $525k


Business is leased.  Ready to go to the next level.

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